Here´s what our customers say about us


Rachel – Adelaide

Great pizza! I had the lamb yiros pizza. Loads of topping, amazing flavours. Do yourself a favour.

Paul M. – South Australia

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit by the riverside with a pizza and friends. Just chatting, eating and having good times.

Of course, if the pizza is good the times are better.

Thankfully El Greco do a fine wood oven pizza that is as good as Vesuvio at Payneham, and I consider them to be at the top of their game. If you’re down Port Adelaide way then this is where you want to go for a slice.

As well as having nice pizza, the restaurant has a classy look about it. It’s more classy then most of the places surrounding it, which makes it look a little out of place. Either way, why would you want to eat at the restaurant when the river is just a short walk away?

REMF1 – Adelaide

My new favourite pizza place in Adelaide, I love El Grecco and plan on going back regularly. We order 3 family pizza’s between 4 people and each came out after we finished the one before which was perfect as the pizza were always hot. There is quite a selection to choose from include a few different flavours and every ingredient was fresh and hand spliced, you can’t get more handmade than this. The waitress, and owner, was especially friendly and the service was 5 star.

ecobean – Adelaide

Ordered 2 take away pizzas and was very impressed – ingredients were very fresh, pizza crust was crisp and light and the pizza was really filling – only a 15 min wait. Definitely our new take way pizza restaurant.

George – Adelaide

I have had many pizzas and el greco is by far the best. Great service and the best authentic pizzas in adelaide

 Jasmin Blackwood – Adelaide

Finally a pizza bar in Port Adelaide that makes a true wood oven pizza at affordable prices. Pizza tasted amazing, even the dough was perfect. Cheese is so fresh and flavourful, makes me wonder what other pizza joints are using. If you haven’t been, you got to try El Greco. It’s a hidden gem